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April 11, 2024

Amtrak Celebrates Upgrades at Columbia River Stations

Customers will benefit from investments in accessibility

SEATTLE, WA. – Amtrak customers can enjoy a more accessible and comfortable experience at the Bingen-White Salmon and Wishram stations following the completion of $5.2 million in upgrades. Amtrak’s Empire Builder stops twice daily at both Columbia River locations on its journey between Portland and Chicago.

“Making stations accessible to all customers is a priority we’re actively pursuing with construction, renovation, repair and upgrade projects at stations across our National Network,” said Amtrak Vice President of Accessibility Dr. David Handera. “We want Bingen-White Salmon, Wishram and all of our stations to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for every customer.”

Working with the city of Bingen, Amtrak advanced a series of accessibility improvements in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The most notable upgrade — replacing a small 10-foot-long platform with a 255-foot-long span of new concrete, eight inches above top of rail, providing a smooth surface for wheeled mobility device users and all passengers.

Funded by Congressional investments at a cost of $3.2 million, the platform, new lighting and ramp connects to the public right of way and provides a brighter and more accessible journey to and from trains.

“I appreciate Amtrak’s dedication to improving mobility and access for all users,” said Bingen Mayor Catherine Kiewit. “These upgrades are well-timed as the City of Bingen is invested in making our community welcoming for visitors and a comfortable place for residents to thrive, regardless of age or disability. I look forward to continuing this momentum to make additional improvements.”

As an important gateway to scenic and recreational opportunities offered by the Columbia River, the $2 million federally funded Wishram projects create two accessible parking spaces and a ramp to connect to the existing accessible concrete platform. Other accessibility improvements include replacement of the detectable warning tactile surface along the platform edge that assists passengers with vision disabilities, upgrades to the waiting room entrance and the addition of a platform shelter.

Due in large part to Congressional investments, Amtrak has spent more than $860 million since 2011 in accessibility upgrades and improvement projects at 121 stations across the national network to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable travel experience for customers with disabilities. Another 31 stations are targeted for completion this fiscal year as Amtrak moves toward 100% completion by 2029.

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