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National ridership and revenue data for the most recent fiscal year, historical background, national services and passenger amenities, equipment, and more.

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Service and ridership information for the most recent fiscal year for each state Amtrak serves.

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Download significant reports and documents regarding Amtrak, from financial performance, environmental, operating reports to business plans.

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Learn all about what makes Amtrak unique – the history, trains, service and ridership facts, commitment to energy efficiency and more.

Amtrak FAQs

Curious to learn more about Amtrak and Freight Railroads, Financial Performance, Equipment and Infrastructure, Benefits of Amtrak, Policy Issues, Amtrak’s Route Network, Amtrak Travel, or Safety and Security? Stakeholders, writers and other interested public can learn a lot from these in-depth documents answering frequently asked questions about Amtrak matters.

Great American Stations

Amtrak established the Great American Stations Project in 2006 to educate communities on the benefits of redeveloping train stations, offer tools to community leaders to preserve their stations, and provide the appropriate Amtrak resources.

thumbnail of FY19 Year End Ridership

FY19 Ridership

thumbnail of UPDATED Baggage fact sheet 7_5_16

Baggage Allowance

thumbnail of UPDATED_Fact_Sheet_Sleeping_Accommodations 7_5_16

Sleeping Accommodations

thumbnail of Gray 30th-St-Restoration FACTSHEET_Dec19

Philadelphia 30th Street Station Improvements

Engineer Conductor Training

Inward-Facing Video Cameras

thumbnail of Amtrak_Safety_Fact_Sheet_7-30-19

Safety and PTC Fact Sheet

thumbnail of UPDATED_Security_Fact_Sheet_7-5-16

Security Measures

thumbnail of Extreme heat fact sheet 7-17-19

Extreme Heat Preparations

thumbnail of UPDATED Inclement Wx Fact Sheet 2-21-17

Inclement Weather Preparations

thumbnail of Holiday Travel Tips _Fact_Sheet_11-22-19

Holiday Travel Tips Fact Sheet

thumbnail of Oct-8-Letter-to-Congress

Oct. 8, 2020 Letter to Congress – Funding

thumbnail of FOR_WAS-Concourse_Fact-Sheet_FINAL_2019-01-25

Future of Rail – Washington Union Station Concourse Management

thumbnail of FOR_Moynihan_Fact-Sheet_FINAL_2019-01-25

Future of Rail – Moynihan Train Hall

thumbnail of Acela fact sheet update-Jan 2020Future of Rail – New Acela Fleet

thumbnail of FOR_Infrastructure_Fact-Sheet_FINAL3_2019-01-31

Future of Rail – Next Generation High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Improvements