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May 10, 2022

Amtrak Launches New Apprenticeship Pilot Program

WASHINGTON – Creating an official path to learn on the job and grow their skills, Amtrak announced its Apprenticeship Pilot Program, providing opportunities for professional development. Representing a mix of new hires and existing employees with diverse backgrounds, students will begin in the classroom and move to hands-on work in a specific trade. With funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Amtrak can effectively invest in people, helping them forge professional careers.

“With a focus on safety and Amtrak values, the apprenticeship program offers an opportunity for employees to develop new skills and expand their career,” said Qiana Spain Amtrak Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer. “As we aim to produce top quality trainings that attract new and existing employees, we are thrilled to offer this opportunity.”

“Working people aren’t just looking for jobs – they want meaningful careers they can raise families on, in positions where they feel seen, heard, and invested in. Apprenticeship and effective training programs, just like this one, are proven ways to grow workforces, attract and retain the right talent, and help working people expand their skillsets,” said John Feltz, Director of the Transport Workers Union Rail Division. “We are working with Congress to ensure Amtrak and the FRA have the necessary funding to develop more trainings like this one that provide well paid, meaningful jobs for generations to come. We are proud to support Amtrak in this endeavor.”

Regardless of their specializations, all apprentices must take core courses including safety, environmental awareness, personal protective equipment and others before meeting their mentors and moving into combined classroom and hands-on instruction, then branching off into craft-specific training. After three years of training, students take a final exam and become full mechanics. This program creates a talent pipeline for existing and new employees and provides a career track for personal and professional advancement at Amtrak.

Whether starting a career, looking for new opportunities or an experienced career professional, Amtrak’s goal is to connect talented people to Amtrak career opportunities. Along with offering well-paying, rewarding work that has already led to more than 1,500 new employees this year, Amtrak offers hiring bonuses and relocation packages to fill critical positions. Committed to fostering an environment where diverse ideas, backgrounds and perspectives thrive, Amtrak aims to provide career growth and satisfaction through a wide range of professional and personal opportunities that help enable a work, life balance while empowering employees to reach their full potential.

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Olivia Irvin
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