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July 21, 2020

Amtrak Promotes New Technology, Contactless Travel, Physical Distancing and Other Safety Measures at New York Penn Station

Customers can receive boarding information push notifications directly from the Amtrak app and assistance from increased staff

NEW YORK – To simplify and safeguard the travel experience, Amtrak wants to assure New York Penn Station (NYP) customers of its New Standard of Travel and strengthened commitment to safety by providing boarding information through push notification via the Amtrak app, increasing the number of personnel at the station in order to help customers and by adding additional cleanliness and convenience measures.

“As we continue to prioritize health and safety in traveling, it’s important we provide our customers with new, innovative measures that promote physical distancing and contactless travel,” said Amtrak President and CEO Bill Flynn. “We encourage all customers to download the app to receive our new app updates, which will prevent crowding inside the station waiting for the boarding information to post and provide an extra level of confidence to make travel safe and secure in addition to the many safety measures onboard our trains and at our stations.”

All customers who have downloaded the app and opted in for notifications can receive boarding information on their device. Additionally, customers who have opted in to Amtrak’s delay notifications will receive an email or text two hours before departure summarizing New York Penn Station’s cleaning procedures, restroom protocols, recommended arrival times, and boarding and ticketing information. In addition, Amtrak has implemented new measures at New York Penn Station and other stations across the country:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols: Amtrak has enhanced cleaning frequency and retrofitted protective plastic barriers where necessary. Commonly used surfaces in stations such as door handles, counter tops, seating areas and Quik-Trak kiosks are cleaned with EPA-registered disinfectants and NYP is closed nightly from 12-5:00 a.m. to allow for a complete disinfection. Additionally, hand disinfectants are provided for customer use in all Amtrak areas of the station.
  • Physical distancing: Signage has been displayed at our busiest stations to indicate safe distances in high traffic areas. In addition, protective plastic barriers have been installed at customer counters at our busiest stations.
  • Facial coverings: Amtrak requires all customers and employees wear face masks or an alternative facial covering while in stations and onboard trains.
  • Station Arrival: Customers are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before departure and 60 minutes if in need of ticketing and/or baggage assistance.
  • New Boarding Policy: Priority boarding has been discontinued so customers can board when they are ready and stay socially distanced throughout the boarding and seating process.
  • Limited capacity: Amtrak is implementing capacity restrictions at ClubAcela to protect customers and prevent overcrowding.
  • Restroom updates: An on-duty restroom attendant monitors the number of people using the facility and can manage access in order to comply with CDC guidelines. Physical Distancing signage will soon be installed in restrooms, and continual cleaning and disinfection occurs even when the restroom is open for customer use.
  • Increased staff: Amtrak has increased the number of personnel on site at NYP in order to help customers quickly find the correct track and train with one employee upstairs and one employee downstairs on the platform. 

Amtrak continues to evaluate current practices and pilot new opportunities to support personal safety. Visit for more information about how Amtrak is maintaining a safe environment and for more information on Amtrak’s New York Penn Station safety measures.

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