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Penn Station New York Media Guidelines

Amtrak is aware of the media interest surrounding Penn Station New York (PSNY) during the Infrastructure Renewal project and will work to accommodate news media when requested. As PSNY is the busiest train station in the country, we would like to remind media to follow the below guidelines to ensure your safety, as well as the safety and rights of customers, station patrons and employees.

News media may request access to Penn Station by contacting the Amtrak Media Relations Office, 202-906-3860 or emailing in advance of arriving to facilitate and ensure appropriate access. For media requests after regular business hours, contact 800-562-1904. Any filming/photography outside of the below guidelines must be coordinated with the media relations office in advance. Amtrak recommends that members of the news media present valid press credentials when they film (print and video photography) in the public areas at Amtrak’s stations.

Public Areas

Media are restricted to the public areas of the station. Members of the media do not have access to the station platforms or tracks under any circumstances unless escorted by a member of the Amtrak Media Relations team. Any filming or photography must not interfere with passenger safety, passenger flow or privacy at any time. Images of designated Restricted Areas (e.g. an area not open to the public, an area designated for “Employees Only”, etc.), are not permitted. Any person observed taking Images on, in, or of a Restricted Area may be subject to law enforcement action as appropriate.

Amtrak Employees

Amtrak employees are not to be interviewed unless prior authorization has been given by the Amtrak Media Relations team.

Tripods and Support Accessories

Tripods are allowed in public areas but must be attended at all times and may not disrupt passenger flow or station operations. Cables are not allowed to drape across the floor as these can be considered a hazard. Tripods and ancillary lights are not allowed on station platforms due to safety concerns. Live shots inside Penn Station must use “wireless” equipment.


The above guidelines apply to Amtrak-managed, public areas of the station. For access to Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)/NJ TRANSIT public areas, media are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate media/public affairs office(s) for the respective railroad.


Retail outlets housed inside PSNY are not operated by Amtrak and are not governed by the above guidelines. Photography/video inside any retail outlet at PSNY is generally restricted unless permission is given by the proprietor.

Please familiarize yourself with Amtrak’s Corporate Guidelines on Photography and Video Recording for more information. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines.