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April 11, 2024

Image Gallery: Art at Amtrak Welcomes Two New Installations to Washington Union Station Featuring Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and Art Enables

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann of Washington, D.C., created the installation titled Potomac River Shen Series. She designed three murals with each offering slight differences in content and color palette. The murals represent a thriving, frothing, flowing world populated by abstracted imagery of botanical and animal life endemic to the Potomac River watershed. Each piece was first painted on paper, and then digitally manipulated to span the length of the upper wall along the station’s concourse from Gates A through L.

The second installation is from the work of 22 artists from Art Enables, an art studio and gallery in the District dedicated to amplifying the creative careers of artists with disabilities.

The artwork is on the 30 windows along the Gate G, and Gate L hallways leading to the lower-level section of the station. Organized in six different displays, the artwork represents this visual diversity, unified by various themes

More information about Art at Amtrak can be found here.

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