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January 26, 2024

Image Gallery: Rico Gatson’s “Untitled (Collective Light Transfer)” for Art at Amtrak at New York Penn Station

Amtrak is pleased to kick off Art at Amtrak’s third year with the latest installation at New York Penn Station by New York-based artist Rico Gatson, which opened on Thursday, Jan. 25. The art, Untitled (Collective Light Transfer), covers the entire station concourse and will remain on view through summer 2024.

Untitled (Collective Light Transfer) features geometric compositions alongside a carefully selected color palette, which illuminate the station with pulsating energy and evoke a sense of resonating rhythm and vibration. Radiating lines and concentric circles echo the collective movement of bodies circulating throughout the station.

Gatson’s artistic process layers ideas and inspirations he has ruminated on throughout his career, such as spirituality, African, Native and Indigenous artistic practice, music as a transcendental force, illumination as a concept, abstract mathematics and the role of art in counterculture movements and political identity. In totality, the designs in Untitled (Collective Light Transfer) come together to uplift, reflect, and guide travelers as they move between the rotunda, the concourse, their train and their next destination.

More information about Art at Amtrak can be found here.

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