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Statement from Amtrak President & CEO Wick Moorman (5/23/17)

The situation at Penn Station is a result of decades of under investment by all three operators as well as commuter train volume growth to levels well beyond what the station was designed for.  Amtrak has chosen to skip band-aid fixes and address reliability concerns head on.

Amtrak has been working together with our commuter partners to develop schedules that minimize impact on customers and provide ample time for planning. Amtrak has also taken steps to leverage private sector expertise to unify and thoroughly review concourse operations and to help execute the much needed renewal work this summer.

There are plenty of reasons why we reached this situation at Penn Station, but we are now taking the concrete steps, with funds we already have, required to fix it.  The important thing for Amtrak now is that we exert the leadership  and focus needed to improve the station’s infrastructure over the summer and do what is necessary to achieve our common goal – ensuring that passengers will no longer be traveling on aging infrastructure or worrying about when they will get to or from their destinations.


New York Penn Station is the busiest train station in America, handling more than 1,300 train movements every weekday. The animation above is an accelerated depiction of regularly scheduled inbound and outbound trains at New York Penn Station during 40 minutes of a normal rush hour (8:00 a.m. to 8:40 a.m.).  Each of the arrows and red lines indicates a train in the station.  As you can see, the station is filled with trains constantly moving and consuming every available space.

The above New York Penn Station track map highlights one of the most complex interlockings on the Northeast Corridor – A Interlocking – the critical sorting mechanism that routes trains entering and exiting Penn Station from the Hudson River tunnels and the Long Island Rail Road’s West Side Yard across 21 tracks. A Interlocking, the area shaded in orange, is where the infrastructure renewal work will take place this summer.

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