Amtrak Debuts New Café Menus with Fresh, High-Quality Offerings on Northeast Corridor and Long Distance Trains

Revamped offerings in response to customer feedback also include reduced prices

WASHINGTON – Amtrak continues to enhance the travel experience by introducing new Café menus, featuring reduced prices for select items, on Northeast Corridor (NEC) and Long Distance trains beginning August 17. In response to customer feedback, Amtrak is offering more high-quality and fresh items for its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Customers will now see 30 percent more of these options with items such as new hot meals, snacks, salads, sandwiches, lite bites, a significant increase in vegan offerings, and new non-alcoholic beverages.

“Making changes to our menu based on customer feedback reflects Amtrak’s commitment to enhancing their travel experience, as passengers know we are listening to their requests for improvement,” said Amtrak Vice President Operations & Customer Services Robert Jordan. “In this time of rising costs, we are proud to offer our customers high-quality items on our menu at reduced prices.”

Some of the new or reduced price menu items customers can expect to see onboard include:

  • Breakfast: Bialy Egg Sandwich, Bacon & Cheese Egg Bites, and Seasonal Fruit with Mango
  • Lunch & Dinner: Smoked Turkey & Havarti Sandwich, Vegan Asian Noodle Bowl, and Blue Corn Vegan Tamale
  • Snacks: Fresh Vegetable Crudites, Beef Jerky, and Pistachios
  • Beverages: Pomegranate Juice and new hot and iced coffee selections

Amtrak has also reduced the price for all sandwiches and salads on all Acela and Northeast Regional trains for savings between $.50 and $1.50. In addition, prices have remained the same for a majority of the food and beverages items onboard. To further promote the new offerings to customers, Amtrak has also redesigned the layout of its menu onboard, which will be provided at each customer’s seat.

Open from early morning until late at night, customers in all classes of service are invited to enjoy these new Café offerings. The reimagined menus will be available on all Amtrak trains along the Northeast Corridor, such as Acela, Northeast Regional, Vermonter, and Ethan Allen Express, as well as Long Distance trains such as the Capitol Limited, Cardinal, and California Zephyr. For more information and to browse the full menus, visité.

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