Amtrak Makes Nationwide Food Donation

Food bank donations to major metropolitan areas helps feed those in need

WASHINGTON – Amtrak has been dedicated to serving customers for almost 50 years. While Amtrak continues to operate as an essential service for those who must travel during this difficult time, select trains have been temporarily suspended due to reduced demand. Fewer trains in operation has resulted in a surplus of food supplies. In addition to serving essential workers on the front lines of this public health crisis, Amtrak is donating the extra food to shelters to help those in need during this unprecedented time.

Given the large strain food banks around the country are experiencing and in this time of great need, Amtrak has increased distribution efforts. To offer charitable food donations, Amtrak has teamed up with centers in several major metropolitan areas, including Central Union Mission in Washington, DC, Northwest Harvest in Seattle, King Majesty Ministries in Chicago, Food Finders in Los Angeles, Operation Dignity Inc. in Oakland, St. Judes Community Center in New Orleans, Brookline Food Co-Op in Boston, City Harvest in New York and Curley’s House Food Bank in Miami.

“Since its inception, Amtrak has always been a part of the community to provide essential services to those who need it most,” said Roger Harris, EVP of marketing and business development at Amtrak. “This program reduces waste and helps struggling Americans who may need extra help in these challenging times.”

When Amtrak cannot use or sell food or supplies, it donates those items to charitable organizations. Amtrak has a surplus of extra food supplies due to temporary service changes that also offer additional opportunities for onboard social distancing for customers and crew members.