August 4, 2016 Final ACS-64 Locomotive Enters Revenue Service

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Siemens-built locomotives improve Amtrak service

WASHINGTON – Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) locomotive #670 entered revenue service this week, marking delivery of the 70th ACS-64 locomotive to serve passengers along the highly-traveled Northeast Corridor and Keystone corridors for years to come. The Siemens-built equipment provides more reliable and efficient service for passengers.

“Delivery of the final ACS-64 locomotive marks a major milestone for Amtrak as this new fleet, a multimillion dollar investment, was delivered ahead of schedule and is improving service for millions of customers in the northeast,” said Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman. “The locomotives have ushered in a new era of improved performance, efficiency and reliability that is integral to keeping the people and businesses in the northeast moving.”

The advanced technology vehicles are designed for improved reliability and easier maintenance leading to faster turn-around times and increased availability of service. In fact, the equipment has already provided enhanced transportation benefits for passengers by improving on-time performance– reducing delay incidents by nearly 25 percent and reducing delay times by 30 percent. In addition, the locomotives meet the latest federal rail safety regulations, including crash energy management components, and come equipped with safety technology such as positive train control and inward-facing cameras.

“These locomotives promised a new era of mobility on the Northeast Corridor and we’re extremely proud that they are living up to that promise by improving service for riders, all while being delivered ahead of schedule and on-budget,” said Siemens Rolling Stock President Michael Cahill. “On behalf of the hundreds of Siemens employees who helped design, build, and service these advanced technology locomotives, in addition to our host of rail suppliers across the U.S., we congratulate Amtrak on this milestone and look forward to the future.”

The partnership illustrates the value industry partners can derive from working with Amtrak. The locomotives were built at Siemens’ rail manufacturing plant in Sacramento, Calif. – a facility that employs more than 900 people – and the equipment includes parts from more than 60 U.S. suppliers, in 50 cities and 20 states. The partnership with Amtrak was also instrumental in assisting Siemens to successfully market the locomotives and generate business in North America.

The electric locomotives were first unveiled at the Siemens manufacturing plant in 2013, following a rigorous testing program at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Technology Center (TTC) facility in Pueblo, Colo.  The advanced technology locomotive first entered Amtrak Northeast Corridor operations in 2014, powering all Northeast Regional and long-distance trains between Washington D.C., New York and Boston, and matching existing trip-times at speeds up to 125 mph. They also operate on the Keystone Service between New York, Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pa. at speeds of up to 125 mph.

Amtrak is a vital player in the Northeast economy and transportation system, connecting major business, financial, political, cultural, medical and educational centers. In 2015, Amtrak welcomed more than 30.8 million customers on board, representing the fifth straight year in which ridership exceeded 30 million.

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