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April 2016

Photo Credit: Amtrak / Chuck Gomez

Amtrak Pets Program Adds Three Midwest States

| April 26, 2016

More than 6,300 pets have traveled with their human companions around the country since a 2014 pilot program in Illinois was made permanent in 2015 and expanded to the busy Northeast Corridor last October. More locations were also added across the national Amtrak network earlier this year.

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Wichita Returns to the Amtrak Map

| April 18, 2016

Wichita has not been served directly by Amtrak since 1979, when service by Trains 15 & 16, the Lone Star, was discontinued along with some other national network routes.

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Northeast Corridor (NEC) Service Restoration Plan for Monday, April 4

| April 3, 2016

Amtrak trains will operate with residual delays between Philadelphia and Wilmington

Amtrak will operate regularly scheduled trains on Monday, after an incident near Chester, Penn., disrupted service on Sunday morning.

Acela Express, Northeast Regional and other Amtrak services will be subject to some delays in the affected area between Philadelphia and Wilmington. Keystone Service between New York and Harrisburg will also operate as scheduled.

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Amtrak Service Suspended between New York City and Philadelphia

| April 3, 2016

All Amtrak service is suspended between New York City and Philadelphia. This morning, Amtrak Train 89, operating from New York City to Savannah, Ga., struck a backhoe that was on the tracks and derailed the lead engine south of Philadelphia.

There were approximately 341 passengers and seven crew members on board. Initial reports are that some passengers are being treated for injuries. Local emergency responders are on the scene and an investigation is ongoing.

Persons with questions about their friends and family aboard this train have a special number to call for information: 800-523-9101.

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