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April 2013

Amtrak Offers Green Travel

| April 23, 2013

Amtrak is an energy-efficient mode of transportation, and America’s Railroad® is taking the opportunity during Earth Month to highlight practices and tactics for improved fuel and energy conservation.

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Northeast Corridor Faces Investment Crisis

| April 17, 2013

The success of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) has used up much of the legacy capacity of the existing railroad and depleted its infrastructure assets leading to a “major coming investment crisis that, without a solution, will mean strangled growth and deteriorating service” for 260 million intercity and commuter rail passengers who rely on it each year, Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman told a Congressional committee today.

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Amtrak Auto Train Launches Priority Vehicle Offloading

| April 15, 2013

Amtrak Auto Train now offers a new upgrade option for passengers who want to speed up their journey. Passengers can purchase an upgrade to Priority Vehicle Offloading and their vehicle will be one of the first 20 offloaded from the train.

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Amtrak Joins Earth Month Activities

| April 1, 2013

Earth Month activities at Washington Union Station will feature daily event offerings to include exhibits and activities such as an alternative energy show, a youth art contest and the NASA Earth Tent.

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